Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Golden Threshold

I have something to tell you 
I've been lovin’ you girl  
I give everything I could 
Cause you've got the best of me 
Something in the way you love me gives me no rest 
Beyond the limit, I feel insane
You keep pushing my love 
Over the limit  
You know I do not know what to think? 
Something in your eyes is making fun of me 
When I'm in your arms you love me so much 
That I forget 
I think I go crazy 
For all this time 
Oh yes I do 
Cause I do not want this love to ever end 
And I swear I'll be there till the end of time 
And I swear I'll keep you right by my side 
Cause baby you’re the one I want  
Oh yes you are! 

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