Friday, July 12, 2013

Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41MP Camera

Nokia Lumia 1020, a new smartphone designed to take pictures in high definition thanks to a 41 megapixel sensor. In the past the company had already made ​​a phone with a similar sensor, the Nokia 808 PureView, who had not been very successful, in part because of its operating system rather limited. The new smartphone presented on Thursday uses Windows Phone 8 of Microsoft, which naturally allows you to do many other things besides taking pictures.

The main advantage given by the sensor extremely sensitive Lumia 1020 is to be able to perform magnification and zoom to particular areas of the photographs taken, without these or lose quality. In practice, the phone takes a very detailed photo in which you can then browse to select the portion of the image that you want to keep in your memories or share with friends.

Lumia 1020 reinvents the zoom, allowing you to grasp many more details of what can be done with the naked eye. Thanks to the technology of PureView Nokia, which includes the optical image stabilization, is able to realize some of the sharper photos that you can take with any digital camera. This is made possible by the combination of the hardware and software (the Nokia Pro Camera app) that allows you to easily capture professional-quality images. Both before and after shooting, the zoom features let you discover and rediscover the personal stories told by each image.

Thanks to the interface that shows a preview of the effect of different settings on the photo or video clip end, Nokia Pro Camera makes it easier than ever to capture, edit and share your photos and videos with the best possible quality. With the Dual Capture mode, Nokia Lumia 1020 simultaneously triggered a high resolution of 38 megapixels, which allows endless possibilities for change, and creates a 5-megapixel photos that you can share on social networks thanks to Windows Phone 8.

The sensor 41 megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 is an evolution of what we saw last year on PureView 808. Featuring Carl Zeiss optics, with six physical lens and optical image stabilization, is capable of returning crystal clear pictures even in low light conditions without blur and video with stereo sound, even if shot at the concert loudest: Nokia Rich Recording that handles sound pressure levels six times higher than those of conventional microphones of smartphones.

It was also anticipated that applications such as Vine, Path and Flipboard will soon be available for Windows Phone. Nokia also announced Camera Grip, a kind of housing that provides additional professional features and a longer battery life, as well as embedded xenon flash, mechanical shutter and a connection.

The nature of Windows Phone that puts people at the center, making it the perfect platform for Nokia Lumia 1020, because it allows immediate viewing of the photos you just took on the home screen in the "tile Photo" fast sharing on social networks and easy access thanks to SkyDrive, the files stored in different devices. With a dedicated camera button, Windows Phone is designed having in mind the imaging.

1020 is a candidate for the Lumia 360 degree solution, certainly more practical than a Galaxy S4 Zoom . Can be used for all purposes as a phone that makes great pictures. Mount a perfectible system like Windows Phone but fast, responsive and fairly complete now also in the park app. It is not as some say a camera phone: size and weight are significantly lower than the Lumia 920, despite the monstrous optics (which force the game leans a bit 'on the back, but the "lump" do not disturb much).

The latest updates of LiveSight will soon be available on HERE Maps, enable people to explore the places where they are and to discover new places to photograph. Like other smartphone Nokia Lumia 1020 also offers streaming of Nokia Music without subscription or advertising content three colors available: yellow, white and black.

Nokia hopes to boost sales of its phones with this new model, which seems to be a good compromise between a traditional compact camera and a smartphone. The competition, especially from Apple and Samsung, however, continues to be high and leave little room for other companies. Nokia in recent years has been slow to innovate and immediately understand the potential offered by smartphones. The transition to a more modern operating system, such as Windows Phone, it was painless and now the company continues to pay the results of its initial delay.

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