Friday, July 5, 2013

When You Say Nothing at All

I want to write,
I want to say that you can experience,
I want to say that things can change,
You just have to want,
You can start again.
I want to say that you spread your arms,
And I agree silently with your choices,
I want to say that even if you do not try,
If you do not write,
If you do not call, I will.
I want to say that sometimes
I have to pick up that phone
And write to you, and forgive me
If I do not have the courage to do it,
I want to sometimes fight,
But I do not know
If there is something to fight for,
I would like to convince you that it's worth it,
You could throw it all away,
Start over, and you will not regret it.
I see the world as something incredible
Come to me
Come to me there is a fire that will warm you
and sing my music softly with me
And just don’t speak anything
and light each night with your silence
I am the tomorrow, my tomorrow's you
in the sidewalks of dream
in my bed of asphalt
You do not say anything
but shine in my heart shines like a star
with the lost fires in ways faraway
You do not say anything just like a star
as you look the best
When you say nothing at all
And see in your eyes
And when the light extinguish, like a clap
Everything will be clear as day as
You know me better than anyone!

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