Thursday, August 8, 2013

Amreekan Desi by Atulya Mahajan

Atulya Mahajan’s unveiling book Amreekandesi: Masters of America is a tale of two Indian lads Akhil Arora and Jaspreet Singh, arriving from Delhi and Punjab, with the similar vision of creating a livelihood in America. Akhil Arora is depicted as a youthful engineer learning in Delhi longing for liberty from his haughty relations and desires to show them that he is able of overseeing his personal being. Jaspreet Singh appears from a little settlement in Punjab and dubs himself Jassi and desires to exist the American delusion, similar to the picture American Pie.

The central characters of this book are destined to turn into associates in this distant terrain with Jassi and Akhil assemble in Florida and become roommates and gets work for endurance. They develop into close associates and split their wishes and ideas with each other. Both of them are intensely differing as far as their views are concerned.

Akhil is a zealous flag-waver and he desires to come back to India subsequent to frittering a few years overseas. On the other pass, Jassi does not covet to lug on with his Indian characteristics as it formulates him undergo mortified and scratchy. So, he has a sketch to come across an American lasso and stay along in America. At the same time as Akhil cataracts in adore with Nandita, a lass he met on the air travel; Jassi’s trance of breathing an American existence is traumatized at each stride.

With a tap of spoof, the narrative tells how these Indian apprentices gather in the US as they are probing for their fairy-tale American reverie with droll insights and jokey sketches. At the same time as recording the typical experience of an émigré, the writer brings to light the personality predicament and endurance in a distant consign and emphasizes how folks alter when they reside in an alien ground.

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