Friday, August 2, 2013

Paradise of Love

Dear Sweetheart ,

We are all capable of falling in love, and can all happen in a sudden. The love that flows between lovers must always be lived fully, at all times all the way. When love circulates, and if you live it light, that will make you feel lighter. Loving a person also means rejoicing in the happiness elsewhere when thinking with your heart compels you to act with love and every thing you love doing it with your head that forces you to love the right way. 

Loving a person is another thing where I learnt to not want the moments to go, where I want more from me, to throw myself upwards and to just fall in love. She is the equation of my chaos. I think it may happen that a person loves you and you do not you know it. But when you know one who loves you but just stop short of proclaiming it, it is impossible not to notice.

I realized the moment to be really in love, but in the sense of the English word: in love. Maybe we were not even two people in love with each other but falling in love is what united us like two jazz musicians. What unites them is not love for one another, but the love you both have for music.

Those were the best days of my life when I first met you, with the encounters create new things, gives rise to new thoughts, reflections, feelings, actions, which belong only to the two of us. I tell you these words those were the best period of my life, the period in which I was fine, I understood many things. During the period when I finally reunite with my joy, during this period, my life was full, I had so many things around me that I like, that fascinated me. 

I'm not very well without you, as my life with you is empty. I mean that I ask you to be with me not because without you I am unhappy I would be selfish, needy and interested in my own happiness, and so you would be my salvation. I ask you to be with me because my life right now is really empty, and without you it is even more. 

If I live a life without you, bleak, empty, miserable there is no value to give it up for you. What value would you be if you were the alternative to nothing, emptiness, sadness? The more a person is good at being alone, and the more valuable the person you decide to stay. I hope you can understand what I'm trying to tell you. I'm alone without you, but when I met you it was as if every word I say in my life there was a letter of your name, because at the end of every speech cronies it was always you. 

I learned to love myself. And being with you I will give you myself, I'll try to make my best gift possible every day. Force me to be careful. Worthy of the love I feel for you. From this moment I take off every armour, every protection and am not just in love with you, I love you. For this I am sure. In loving there may also be a phase of falling in love, but not always in falling in love is real. 

I like being with you intimately because it means running the risk of becoming slightly different from me altered a bit. I like to love you and know it by heart like a poem, as a poem because it can not be ever understood until the end. In fact I realized that loving you will not know anything but yourself. The maximum you can understand the other is the maximum that you can understand yourself. To enter this intimately related to a person is important, because it becomes a cognitive journey of existence.

I know it is corny, nauseating and pathetic, but I can not help it. I think it is the natural consequence of the foot when it finally meets the shoe that fits perfectly in my hand for years. You are all that before I never got to say, never been able to see, do, understand. 

I believe that anyone who is not able to stand well on its own can not know true love. I learned that the opposite of love is not hate. Hate is the absence of love, just as darkness is the absence of light. The opposite of love is fear. For the first time in my life I was scared, or rather, I had learned to make sure that I do not fear to dominate.

I love your lips: I love them because they are forced not to touch if they want to say "I hate you" but forced to join if they want to say "I love you".

Your's and only your's

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