Friday, August 23, 2013

Evening Rain

I chose you
In the silence of the night,
I chose you.
In the splendour of the firmament,
I chose you.
In the enchantment of the dawn,
I chose you.
For better or for worse,
I chose you.
In joy and sorrow,
I chose you.
In my heart of hearts,
I chose you.
Cause I love you,
I have come to steal your soul
from shackles made of snow
If you and I are one,
Lost in our embraces
Like stars against the sun
As a falling leaf
In a moment in the air
Imagine two burning hands
that meet,
two looks lost in each other,
two hearts that tremble
at the immensity of a feeling,
and a few words
to perpetuate an instant.
Without you
I can not exist without you.
I forget about everything
But to see you again:
my life seems to stop there,
I can not see ahead.
My love is selfish.
I can not breathe without you.
I wanna run away with you
where you never know what to do,
Where you never know what to believe.
Want to go through endless roads,
woods without limits, infinite spaces.
Shall walk and fly with you,
just you and me with our illusions,
with our thoughts, with our love.

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