Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rain Songs

The rain falls and washes everything 
away in silence, 
you see I feel peace 
if you want to embrace 
and that changes color 
that changes the smell 
away quietly watching 
our passion does not die, 
it changes color 
you give me hope 
that it's raining 
and you feel even the smell 
of my skin 
clouds pass amidst pouring rain 
and at every step 
we tap our feet into 
the way that we have done together 
to kill each night with 
raindrops on hot sand 
love, my love, 
this passion passes 
still two of us embraced in the rain 
while they all run away, 
and our love
is just a heartbeat away 
and the lightning illuminates 
without noise 

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