Sunday, September 1, 2013

Golden Rain

It remains in my dreams
in the paradise of my thoughts.
I love seeing you with imagination,
thinking of you every moment;
You do not believe and do not know
how great my love is.
You are, like a ray of sunshine,
the monotony and loneliness of my days.
With your smile you radiate
my leaden sky.

Cover with your eyes
the meadows of my imagination;
Dress them with fragrant flowers
and shiny golden blonde hair like yours.
And you are in me, even if you are absent.
Yellow flowers are blooming
in the garden under the stars
Daisies kiss the wind,
I watch without saying a word
Blooming yellow flowers
in the garden full of stars,
My hands seek refuge in something
that I have inside
Still do not know
if it is a flower
Or a lost voice in the heart,
am sure I'm looking for a flower
without a name.

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