Friday, October 11, 2013

Smart Suraksha: A Safety Sensor

Violence against women is a phenomenon extensive, largely submerged, and can be expressed in various forms physical, sexual and psychological violence, inside or outside the family. The term femicide indicates those forms of discrimination or violence that cancel the woman in the physical, psychological, social, political, cultural, and that in any case they prevent or restrict the enjoyment of fundamental human rights. Femicide is therefore a behavior that "kills" a woman, or even without going destroys the physical death.

If this is a war, then it must be fought in every face: legal, social, cultural and even technological actions with proper prevention, protection for the victims and punishment for the aggressors. In my opinion, a first sign that should not be underestimated finally turns to use the technology of everyday life to increase everyone's awareness on safety of women. Initiatives like this are considered attempts exemplary acts to shake the public consciousness to react to issues that do not always earn the first page of the newspapers, even when they should.

How do you respond to this, the world of technology? There is now a new application to raise awareness and try new ways to increase the safety of our wives, daughters, sisters, friends or ourselves. Despite the daunting task of making real prevention with a virtual instrument, I wish she had Smart Suraksha with her, a new application that tries to fill some gaps related to the safety of women and to infuse a little bit of confidence and security.

The App has as main objective to make smartphones, today a commonly used tool, a valuable ally for the safety of women in situations of potential or actual danger, providing a simple and timely aid, such as sending SMS rescue, and a set of rules that allows us to take conscious behaviour in case of need.

Smart Suraksha is a brand new smartphone application available for Android free of charge on the Google Play Store designed for women in emergency situations, and all those occurrences which, by their nature are unpredictable, leaving no time or the clarity to call your contacts.

The program allows to configure a list of 5 phone numbers to send a standard text such relief message (along the lines of: "I'm in trouble, call me!"), as well as to communicate your location, using GPS technologies or relying on a network Wifi.

The application is composed of different functionalities can be activated in a easy manner and is intuitive in case of need. The interface is clean, defined, simple and basic. Once you've downloaded from Play Store, it is important to set the right telephone numbers of emergency from among various options. In the main screen you have available a number of buttons that correspond to precise functionality.

Once you have configured the program, it will be easy to use: simply press and hold for a few seconds the button present on the first screen to give an immediate start to the process of sending SMS, searching for contacts that you know to be available to help you. In other words, whoever receives the message can get information about the exact location of the "sender" detected by the GPS system of the smartphone itself. It gives you the ability to call for help and send sms with their geographic coordinates to a predefined list of numbers.

It can select the type of message to send, to allow a precise location on the map. It is equally effective and is a digital bodyguard, an app which is dedicated to the defense of women and aims to help women in case of danger.

The operations are designed to be carried with ease and in the shortest possible time, precisely in order to ensure the use of the app also under difficult and uncomfortable situations. The focus is directed on prevention, with tips and tricks that they do not want in any way undermine women's freedom, but to advise the appropriate behaviors to be taken in dangerous conditions in the interests of defense.

This is, in a nutshell, the purpose of Smart is to try to increase the safety of women, for example in case of aggression or danger.

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