Saturday, October 18, 2014

Unforgettable Diwali

Diwali is just around the corner and is the time of many happy family memories that usually passes in less than no time. As children Diwali has always been living with the intensity of a unique experience of one that sticks to my memory. The feelings and desires are summed up in a warm and colourful kaleidoscope. Diwali is a festive event that clears for a moment the gray boredom that too many children are forced to live, with an event that breaks the monotony of everyday life.

Diwali is also a time to stroll through the numerous stalls and markets which is a privileged space where artisans, producers and local artists can come into contact with a broader and diverse audience. And although sometimes the first aspect prevails over the second, playing against the quality and variety of items offered, it is worth taking a day to browse among the stalls, looking for gifts or just to enjoy the spirit festive.

The tradition of giving gifts then goes back to antiquity, but Diwali reminds the greatest gift that God has given to mankind to become man, to share our human condition. This is why the Diwali period is considered the favourable time for the exchange of gifts and gestures of affection and gratitude, to think of others.

I bought gifts for family and friends or for our neighbours to whom I wanted to send a sign of affection, for whom it gained much more value when we packed them with our hands thinking of the person who will receive them.

A few weeks before Diwali we plan the menu, and invite distant relatives and neighbours who would otherwise spend the day alone, and on the day of our feast we count the guests present and those absent. It provides the opportunity to create for the Diwali table with details to make the atmosphere even more magical, taking pictures, playing board games, where we can enjoy the pleasure of seeing the little ones mature. It consolidates the bonds of affection and the bonds of family.

For Diwali parents didn’t stop us to savour the numerous sweet delicacies and we used to receive generous doles of barfis, laddus, dry fruits, pastries or some dessert and also generous doles of firecrackers to spend the Diwali night in unbridled merriment.

Diwali becomes an exemplary party where me and my family finds warmth and concern for one another, exchanging gifts and tenderness. These are the days when you start to look into your eyes, to spend more time together, to play, and to talk to each other. As per our yearly family tradition I meet with relatives because the most special thing about Diwali is to meet the people who are special to each of us.

Diwali is a celebration where through the eternal bursts of firecrackers over time, people come to forget the despairs and sadness of human existence.

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