Friday, October 10, 2014

Feast of India

Think of India as a world apart, so different that alone can offer it all a world so ancient that preserves thousands of years of history, art and culture; a world so steeped in religion that makes of its gods and religious ceremonies a constant presence in their lives. A world where the past and present coexists, industries with festivals and fairs with satellites launched into space as you've read and heard, the experience of travelling in India you can not fully convey: You have to live it right, savour it with all your senses.

You will hear in the streets the fragrance of sandalwood or jasmine that the seller offers you with grace; you will see the peaks of the Himalayas and the endless beaches of Goa and the southern coast, coral atolls and inland waters of Kerala, rivers, villages and tropical forests the diversity of races, cultures, languages, environment, drawing in India ever-changing scenarios.

In the desert of Rajasthan you will see processions of camels carrying heavy loads; reserves will see tigers, leopards, elephants, birds of every sort; along the streets you will encounter slow, indolent sacred cows. Enjoy an authentic English tea in the big hotels, you will be captivated by the grace of the dancers, you will join the joyous crowd that celebrates its festival the glories of India have no end.

Since the last few years, along with many other worldwide institutions, the French fashion house Louis Vuitton celebrate in stores around the world, the most joyous and vibrant Hindu festivities, like Holi and Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, a symbol of peace and harmony between people and the overcoming of barriers between castes, classes, religions and countries.

From Paris to Milan, from Hong Kong to Shanghai, from Johannesburg to Oslo, shops windows are illuminated by elegant decorated trunks of light made by hand using traditional Hindu techniques to honour the values that the brands shares with India with respect for the traditions and passion for innovation and to pay tribute to the special culture that the brands has with this country for almost a hundred years.

The facilities, real works of art, are designed in collaboration with Indian artists renowned for giving importance to the work of artists in contemporary and traditional Indian artisans. Experienced Indian craftsmen reproduce trunks in banana fibre paper, which illuminate the inside and placed one above the other that gives passers-by a sense of joy and playfulness.

To pay homage to the Indian traditions collections are reinterpreted using tissues from authentic vintage saris, with new fabrics, a mix of flowers of Monogram and traditional Indian motifs originating from Bengal to Madras sold in boutiques around the world.

India, the land of spirituality and traditions wrap the present and intertwined with the future in a country of contrasts and strong colours, in which the religious celebrations are followed animatedly throughout the year across the world.

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