Now for a little about the person behind the scene for those of you don't know already. Kalyan is an avid photographer with interest ranging from the micro to the macro to whom sky is the limit in photography. Also true blood traveller, who loves to travel in search of unknown and hidden paradises spread all over India and the world. To him travelling is not just visiting the place but also of feeling the smell of the soil there.

He has a diverse range of passions who is as much a tech freak as a bookworm and tries to juggle his way through his different passions. From cool gadgets to mystery thrillers, you can find everything in his shelf who is surely going to try it, if it catches his mind.

He also has his own way with the ink and has a flair for creative writing and has contributed in different online spaces and magazines at different points of time. Still he believes he is only in the learning sphere and knowledge is unbound. Most important to him is not in knowing but in the desire to know, experience the unknown and go along to fulfill the unfulfilled dreams.

His utmost theory in life is to live the moments, for life is short but precious, where everyone can have a just 'little' impact which can bring smile in the face of someone.

The blogger see's this blog as a platform where he can write post related to different topics under the sun almost anything and everything, which might interest or impact most of the people, just like in an informal gossip among friends and other people. A garden comprises of lots of myriad and beautiful flowers and so is this blog with a diverse range of posts. This blog tries to showcase the beauty and diversity of this amazing country of India, about its myriad cultures, customs, traditions and the aura in diversity to the entire world. Photography provides the added flavor to it. The basic theme of this blog can be related to Travel & Culture.

The blogger try to juggle his time between regular worklife, family life and blogging. Still he believes this blog has survived 10 years as a big achievement to him who try to be as regular as possible, but generally do the posting on weekends on some off-time.

He enjoys and goes through all your comments and definitely gives an extra doze of motivation to him. Rude, abusive, spam or anonymous comments are deleted instantly whether it is directed towards him or any other commentator.

He generally try to answer mails, if somebody has a query and if he haven't replied any of your queries, please provide him some time as he may be away from the Internet or access to a Computer.

All the contents of this blog is fully copyrighted to the Author. PLEASE DON'T USE ANY MATERIAL FROM THIS BLOG WITHOUT HIS PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT and if you're using it for a non-commercial purpose you should provide link-back and due credit to the authors of this site.

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