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Jaguar F-Type Convertible Sports Car

The F-TYPE is a true Jaguar sports for the future, next and beyond. The new born of a distinguished lineage that offers the look, the feel, the performance and handling of a Jaguar. The F-Type roadster is a rear-wheel drive two-seater lines and exciting performance, but also the environmental sustainability. The roadster was designed by the team led by Ian Callum Jaguar design and has a electronically controlled rear spoiler that automatically extends over 100 km / h to fall below 65 times, while the soft top opens and closes in 12 seconds also traveling up to 50 km / h. All engines are mated to eight-speed Quickshift automatic transmission with shift paddles on the steering wheel, launch control and the Start & Stop function.

The sophisticated technology of turbocharging Jaguar offers dispensing linear power and immediate access to high torque at any engine speed, thereby minimizing the gap between the needs of the driver and the engine response. motors are three to avant-garde. Jaguar 3.0 V6 Supercharged are powerful and refined. Exhibits a very high specific power, up to 127 hp per liter, providing exhilarating performance and an engaging driving experience. Thanks to the sophisticated and compact limiter of the supply pressure of the compressor and a throttle valve of the secondary gas, the torque curves rise steeply along a wide range of engine speeds.

A intercooler with water cooling reduces the air temperature aspiration for greater power and efficiency, while an innovative system of counter-weight balance front and rear helps to ensure smoothness and refinement system Intelligent Stop / Start improves up to 5% fuel efficiency. The 5.0 V8 engine with 495 hp is incredibly powerful. A larger compressor supplies the motor to provide an astonishing maximum torque of 625 Nm at just 2,500 rpm / min. A series of advanced technology delivers performance, refinement and efficiency. The die-cast aluminum cylinder block is supported by main bearing caps bolted to the cross to increase rigidity.

The valves are controlled by a dual independent variable valve timing of the camshafts for optimized power at all engine speeds. The spray-guided direct injection provides precise dispensing of fuel directly in the center of the combustion chambers at pressures up to 150 bar, providing a cleaner burning and more efficient. system Intelligent Stop / Start improves up to 5% fuel efficiency.

The automatic transmission Quickshift of the F-TYPE, ultra-fast and precise, has 8-speed close-ups to keep as long as the engine within its optimum rev range at the same time to optimize fuel consumption and performance. The gearbox has been developed to ensure an immediate response and excellent harmony with the driver, combining the advantages of a dual-clutch gearbox and an automatic transmission without inheriting their disadvantages. system transmission control is intelligent and adaptive.

Monitors the driving situation and what the driver demands to the car in any specific time and responds ensuring truly dynamic driving experience. The adaptive software automatically changes the strategy of change, ensuring that you are always selected the right gear for every situation.

The Fast Throttle-Off recognizes when the driver makes quick adjustments of the accelerator, for example during maneuvers multiple, and automatically maintains the gear in anticipation of the input next. The Corner Recognition recognizes when the car is facing a curve and maintains the correct ratio in order to deliver all the power out of the turn. In deceleration and climbing, the management system of the F-TYPE Speed ​​Matching synchronize the engine speed with the gear ratios and when the vehicle is in Sport mode manually, automatically gives a "tap" the throttle on downshifts.

In difficult braking conditions, such as before a curve, the system Spontaneous Vehicle Deceleration allows the F-TYPE to scale quickly to have the right gear for the turn initiation. The Dynamic Mode Launch on F-TYPE S applies the maximum torque in the gear changes by providing the best acceleration from zero to 100 km / h.

The rigid, heavy-duty F-TYPE offers a platform inherently stable, precision and driving agility, and allows the suspension system, calibrated with extreme precision, to convey a feeling of unique interaction with the road and harmony with the driver . The robust housing made ​​of aluminum alloy AC600 F-TYPE, along with its range of high-performance engines, offering exceptional relations power / weight and torque / weight, which provide the actual measurements of the performance of a sports car.

Use of advanced materials and innovative technologies has allowed Jaguar engineers to reproduce the vital lines of the F-TYPE pure and elegant, exactly as they were designed by the designers, and to provide a vehicle with extraordinary structural integrity.

The configuration of the F-TYPE gives the car a natural balance and is the result of meticulous attention to detail. An uncompromising attention to weight distribution in order to obtain an optimal balance between the front and rear wheels, for example by placing the battery, electronic equipment and even the windshield washer reservoir in the back of the car.  shorter A car is more agile, a car larger is more stable.

In the F-TYPE the ratio between the length of 4,470 mm and width of 1,923 mm was calculated with extreme precision, to ensure agility intrinsic to the car, and then driving dynamics exceptional. The low center of gravity reduces the roll in curves, while the reduction of both the front and rear overhangs causes the mass was concentrated within the step of the car. These factors combine to perfection in the F-TYPE, ensuring an innate agility of the car.

The stylish canvas soft top of the F-TYPE is light and refined. The outer cover is optimized from the point of view of acoustic composite fabric and heated rear mounted flush. The soft top can be opened or closed automatically in 12 seconds and can be operated automatically while driving at speeds up to 50 km / h. When it is folded completely disappears while keeping the rear of the car low profile and slim.

The precise and responsive steering of the F-TYPE is designed to provide the most direct link possible between the driver's hands and the point of contact of the tires on the asphalt.  The steering rack provides maximum reactivity of the car to driver input and feeling of connection with the road is further enhanced by the use of aluminum alloy for the front subframe, which in addition to reducing the weight, it allows, in combination with the suspensions forged alloy of F-TYPE, to create a structure resistant to incredibly the ultimate level of feedback and precision control.

The aluminum frame of the F-TYPE creates an incredibly stable platform for the control of the car by the double-wishbone suspension of forged aluminum. The entire system, together with the shock absorbers are calibrated to achieve the perfect balance between driving dynamics and refinement, offers the perfect combination of control, agility and reactivity.  The F-TYPE S-TYPE V8 S and F, the system Adaptive Damping analyzes hundred times per second induced movements of the body and pitching, and sets each damper to an appropriate level.

The system improves control, maneuverability and agility, as well as the car's ability to detect and react quickly to critical driving conditions and the driver's commands. All this thanks to a series of sensors placed around the vehicle, that monitor the vertical movement of the frame, the pitch and roll. The position of the steering wheel is also measured 500 times per second, allowing the system to predict the relationship of chassis roll. The stiffness of each shock absorber is then adjusted to ensure constant control, stability and agility.

The F-TYPE S is equipped with a limited slip differential, which improves traction and agility when accelerating out of corners and on slippery surfaces. This differential also allows the car to make better use of available traction, before you need the intervention of the DSC system, thus ensuring a more sophisticated stability control during dynamic driving. The electronic Active Differential Control offers the F-TYPE V8 S the ultimate level of agility and control. Working in partnership with the Traction, ABS and stability, the electronic Active Differential Control uses an electric motor that operates on a multi-plate clutch to manage torque distribution for each of the rear wheels.

The full electronic control of the rear differential lock allows the system to be applied almost instantly the entire locking torque. The electronic Active Differential Control allows a very precise control of the power distribution by limiting wheel spin, optimizing traction and offering even higher levels of control.

The aerodynamic performance are the essence of the design of the F-TYPE and integrate seamlessly in the style of the body to generate low levels of lift, increasing the car's stability at high speeds. A splitter under the front grille and rear spoiler, run the airflow along the underside of the car with the tail perfectly defined, facilitating the separation of the air at low speeds.  All models are equipped with a rear spoiler that automatically rises at speeds above 100 km / h to generate up to 120 kg of downforce in order to increase stability.  Even the door handles are closed flush with the bodywork to ensure an uninterrupted flow of air along the sides of the car.

Standard on F-TYPE S and optional on the F-TYPE, the exhaust system is equipped with active bypass valves, which open when driving high-performance, allowing exhaust gas to flow more directly, producing a deep voice, unmistakable. SELECTED ACTIVE EXHAUST For greater driver involvement, is available with the F-TYPE V8 S also optional Switchable Active Exhaust (active sports exhaust selectable), which allows you to manually control the system.

There are three braking systems, each designed to provide a sense of security and progressive braking performance high, supported and uniforms. All systems have large ventilated discs - up to 380 mm diameter versions High Performance and Super Performance. The larger size of the disks allow the pliers to grip over a larger area, improving the braking force, and ensuring a greater capacity for absorption and dissipation of the thermal energy developed during braking.  brake cooling is also facilitated by Additional air vents and ducts. The cooling air is channeled directly to the brakes, reducing the fading and helping to improve the brake performance during prolonged periods of driving dynamics.

Brake System Performance Jaguar F-Type: discs 355 mm front and 326 mm at the rear calipers with silver as standard (available with optional red calipers).  Jaguar High Performance Brake System F-TYPE S: 380 mm front discs and 326 mm rear calipers with black as standard (available with optional red calipers).  Brake System Jaguar Super V8 Performance F-TYPE S: 380 mm front discs and 380 mm rear calipers with black as standard (available with red calipers and blue optional).

Adaptive Dynamics analyzes how the vehicle is driven, measuring acceleration and braking curves setting, the activities of the accelerator pedal and the brake load and activation of climbing. It then uses a sophisticated adaptive software to ensure it is automatically selected the most appropriate gear. For even more responsive performance, selecting the Sport mode changes the gearshift program, changed to ensure shorter and maintain relationships at higher rpm longer.

The Dynamic mode remaps the car's software to further emphasize the sporty character of the F-TYPE. Sharpens the throttle response, increases the load and performs the steering gear changes faster and at higher engine speeds. Dynamic mode also prevents the automatic switch into a higher gear when the transmission is used in manual mode.

The optional adjustable driving dynamics allows the driver to determine which characteristics are altered when Dynamic Mode is selected. This option also includes the display system Dynamic-i be able to view the indices of performance such as G-Force meter, lap times, input of throttle, steering and brake and yaw angles directly on the touch-screen 8-inch.

 Designed to warn the driver of the presence of a vehicle in an adjacent lane, the Blind Spot Monitor (Monitor blind spots) uses radar sensors to trigger an orange on the exterior mirror. The detection sensor approaching vehicles is designed to alert the driver in a fast-approaching a vehicle from behind the car.

This optional system allows you to warn the driver of the presence of other cars on the track of F-TYPE in reverse, for example when parking. Rear view camera with display on the touch screen. Use a colored guide for distance and on-screen guidance lines that move according to steering wheel angle to indicate the area into which the car is making the reverse.

Measuring the vehicle speed and the angle of the steering wheel, the optional system of adaptive headlights is able to turn the headlights up to 14 degrees outward and up to 7 degrees to the inside, to improve the visibility during the curves. Using a sensor mounted on the front of the inside rearview mirror, the system of intelligent high beam passes from low to high beam and vice versa when needed, leaving the driver free to concentrate on driving.

The device of the brake support emergency calculates the distance and the speed of approach to the vehicle and pre-charges the brakes in order to minimize the impact speed in the case of imminent collision. The device of the brake support emergency works together with electronic brake distribution, that measures the load and accordingly distributes the braking force on the front and rear wheels.

 New-Jaguar F-type in-detail Paris-motor-show-2012:

The Pedestrian Contact Sensing System, and the pop-up bonnet also contribute to the protection of people who are not in the car. In the event of a pedestrian impact the system raises the bonnet slightly to try to prevent a pedestrian's head go bump in the most rigid under the hood.

The F-TYPE interacts directly with the driver, which becomes almost a natural extension of the car. The cockpit in 1 +1 configuration is designed around the driver to optimize visibility, minimize distractions, and offer a sitting position near the center of gravity of the car, with chassis and seat structure rigid. When lowered and the linear design of the dashboard promote visibility.

Jaguar F-Type su strada

The Jaguar SportShift selector is simple and intuitive to use. In addition to the fully automatic Auto mode, Sport mode is available with the manual gearbox. This feature allows the driver to select gears sequentially by pushing the lever forward to climb, and pulling it backwards to switch to a higher gear.

 New-Jaguar F-type in-detail Paris-motor-show-2012:

The air conditioner uses sophisticated dual-function jog wheels. The knobs left and right control the temperature on respective sides of the car, when the air conditioner is dual zone. While pushing, knobs change mode to control the functions of optional heating of the seats. The screen color touch-screen 8 "F-TYPE allows for simple control of numerous vehicle functions, including the satellite navigation system, the infotainment systems and, if installed, the display system Dynamic-i.

The cockpit of the F-TYPE comes alive thanks to its sublime sound systems, audio performance with rich shades. There are three systems, all designed to offer superb sound quality that perfectly matches the performance of the car. The Jaguar sound system, standard on all models, gives depth and power to your entertainment system on board, with 6 speakers, 180 watts and 8 channels. The plant is equipped with Dynamic Volume Control, which provides a continuous dynamic compensation of volume changes inside the cabin to ensure consistently high quality.

The audio system offers optional Meridian ten speakers, including two sub-woofers, 380 watts and 12 channels. DSP technology produces active crossovers that have been developed for each speaker to generate sound that is faithful and natural. With 12 speakers and 770 watts, uses technology Meridian Trifield to ensure full stereo sound for both the driver and for the passenger. The rear door speakers also receive the signals of the front channels to ensure maximum fidelity.

2014 Jaguar F-Type

Create your ideal car, choosing the colors of the body, the soft top and perfect circles to match. Customize the style of the interior, choosing the perfect seats, materials and combinations of colors that reflect your personality. With an impressive set of customization packages, accessories and options available, you can truly create the F-TYPE of your dreams.

There are two styles for the seats on all models, and each provides a sublime comfort and support. On the F-TYPE and S-TYPE F, the sports seats in leather with suede fabric upholstery are standard. On the F-TYPE V8 S seats are completely covered in leather, for the even more luxurious. All models can be equipped with the Performance seats, upholstered in premium leather, offering an optimized lateral support, ideal for addressing the curves in a gritty. As a final touch, you can choose between the seat belts in the colors Jet, Red or Camel.

 New-Jaguar F-type in-detail Paris-motor-show-2012:

The Design Pack includes body-colored side sills, aerodynamic front splitter and rear glossy black with a under bumper, only on F and F-TYPE S-TYPE, a venture rear coordinated. The Black Pack is a great choice to add further determination. Includes a glossy black finish on the frame and upper grille and bumper beam, air vents on the hood and front splitter. The glossy black finish extends also on the racks honeycomb exterior of the side air vents, rear and rollover protection under bumper.

For the ultimate in sophistication, Black Interior Pack option gives the interior a stylish look glossy black, with flat-bottomed sports steering wheel with black finish and shifters. For even greater luxury, the Extended Leather Pack adds leather trim on the pillars, sun visors and sports bar with a choice of four colors: Jet, Ivory, Red or Stone Grey. To further customize your F-TYPE a full range of accessories can be fitted by your dealer. 

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