Naachiyaar Movie Review - Jyothika Slays It

Naachiyaar (Jyothika), an honest police officer, meets Arasi (Ivana) one day on the road. This young girl, still underage, gets pregnant. She says that the father of the child is her boyfriend Kathu (G.V. Prakash Kumar). But against waiting a new one will upset the investigation. The police commissioner Naachiyaar decides to conduct the investigation.

Unlike the latest Bala movies, Naachiyaar does not contain violent or adult scenes. Director Bala knows how to attract our attention and seduce us by transforming his actors. It was a new daring bet for Bala with the presence of GV Prakash in his movie. Bala is offering us a police investigation with an intransigeant cast. Like other films, the performance of comedians is to be mentioned. Jyothika in the role of Naachiyaar or GV Prakash is excellent in their roles. GVP here gives the best performance of his career and shows us that he has his place in Kollywood.

Naachiyaar has become the turning point of G.V. Prakash Kumar's acting career. His captivating performance in the film receives great acclaim from the industry, critics, and the general public. This young composer perfectly justified the role of Kathu (Kathavarayan).

Jyothika assures the role of Bala. She shows the full extent of her talent through a just and poignant game. This is a great challenge for the actress to have agreed to play this role. Neither the years of absence on the screen nor her married status stops this talented actress! Expectations around her next film with Mani Ratnam have only doubled with Naachiyaar!

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Bala unveiled a very talented young actress Aleena Shaji. Her character was beautifully painted, with a pleasant screen presence. Of course, the female characters are humanistic and the portrayal of unacceptable violence is successful. The play of very young couple, poor and exploited victims, is very moving. Contrary to the tradition, a glimmer of hope and love in this harsh social and political context will reassure us somewhat.

Ilayaraja has also done a remarkable job. His background music accompanies the film perfectly. Bala addresses a subject already seen in Kollywood. But he is perfectly able to raise public awareness through a well-strung story. In addition, the short duration of the work (1 h 50 min) allows us to remain immersed in the work.

The director openly criticizes the plight of the poor in India and the abuses they can endure by high-ranking people. Naachiyaar remains a very good film to start the year 2018. But the work seems a little "Light" for a director who pulled us out of Pithamagan, Paradesi or Naan Kadavul.


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