Poetic Trailer for October with Varun Dhawan

For many months already, October was the subject of many speculations. It must be admitted that very little information was given about this film but that the names associated with the project were enough to make it promising from the start. And for good reason, October marks the return to the direction of Shoojit Sircar. He is a filmmaker to whom we owe especially the unforgettable Piku and who also produced another surprise success with Pink.

Another point arousing interest is the film stars Varun Dhawan. In nine films, the actor has a good success rate. However, his young career is mainly marked by mainstream commercial cinema. So seeing him take risks with a project apart could only be stimulating. Especially since the last time the actor had tried more independent cinema, we had been entitled to Badlapur, a really dark, and striking film.

October movie images hot

Finally, this project marks the beginnings in the cinema of the debutant Banita Sandhu. So were all these expectations justified? Let's discover together the trailer:

From the first seconds, one thing is obvious. We are in a film of Shoojit Sircar. Bucolic and slow shots, soft poetry, all sprinkled with a subtle cynicism, the filmmaker was able to offer these bittersweet moments even in the war movie Madras Cafe. Here he proves once again that he does part of these filmmakers, one of which recognizes the style instantly.

The photography is neat, the soft music gain intensity and we discover a Varun Dhawan both sensitive and more raw in his game. The actor has great potential and we can only be happy to see him use it in this type of projects. More we advance in the trailer of October and the more one feels taken by the melancholy poetry that emerges from it. It is to the point of feeling the emotion of the last images without even understanding their meaning.

If it does not seem to have the brightness of Piku, the film is likely to share the major qualities, including conquering the viewer gently to leave a lasting impression.

And even after these two minutes, we still do not know much about the story. Varun is a man too busy with his work who decides to go looking for a young woman just because she asked where he was. That's what we seem to understand. A romantic quest perhaps, a quest for identity and emancipation certainly! The sleek and almost Western style may be cool for the mainstream Indian, but October certainly looks like a film not to be missed.


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