Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Culture of Food in the Journey

Now as then, the passion and dedication to good food have not changed. And indeed, being a foodie has now become a real trend thanks to the Web. The TinyOwl App is the friend that always has the right advice on the restaurant to choose for lunch, dinner or any other occasion. Now, before leaving for the weekend, I already know where to taste local cuisines because a true foodie has a smartphone or tablet on hand to see the right place for a new local dinner.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

All of a Modern Parent

Parents today are more attentive to the needs and education of children, ready to get involved and confront their identities. Parents today are no longer masters and no longer the bogeyman of children and naughty boys. They are no more figures to worship with awe.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

India: An Unforgettable Country

There are trips that are within us always, we would like to travel and do refer to that time, perhaps because we feel inadequate to learn an experience that appears to our understanding, perhaps because we understand that our consciousness can never touch the heart and hidden secret of India. There are trips that grow within us as children, until there comes a day when we have to satisfy their desire for existence bringing them to fruition where every part of life is value for money.

10 Tips for Perfect Skin Naturally

The beauty industry is a multimillionaire industry. In the newspapers and on television we are bombarded with advertising that those companies have managed to create beauty in a bottle. These same companies rake in tons of money selling us products that presumably will make you look younger, will give a softer-looking skin, hide your imperfections, and will give the look of a supermodel.