Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Oman: Hermit of the Middle East

A trip to the horse of history, culture and nature, this and much more is available in a holiday in Oman. Passing through the Earth from the Far East to the West, the Sultanate of Oman is located in the south-eastern portion of the Arabian Peninsula, which is able to fully embody the true essence.

Coolest Summer Foods

Summer is almost upon us, so dear friends it is time to think of healthy and delicious meals for the hot season. When it comes to summer meals, we all want something light, fresh and tasty so you do not have to worry about your waistlines. From fresh fruit to the vegetables through the homemade desserts, there are many delicious recipes to try this season. Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients that help us feel good during the hottest days.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Essentials for the Perfect Road Trip

The perfect trip has always been chased by the traveller in the last theorem practicable, asceticism of the diamond, and beyond it is the route untouched, the alchemy of the seas of Ithaca, the unknown that attempts to explore the warps of knowledge. The perfect is elsewhere in the epic of the journey, starting from your life on the road, when in it the desire for knowledge is the first among the fundamentals.